Chained Warriors

by Life After Hours

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Johnn Harbringer
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Johnn Harbringer It's impossible for me to pick a "favorite" song on this album. Everything hits hard and sticks with you. An excellent blend of Hardcore, Crust Punk, Metalcore, Grindcore, and Crossover styles! I've been a fan of Life After Hours for a long time, and this album shows their maturity and growth as a band, as well as an evolution of their style. They certainly haven't forgotten their roots, but they have progressed to a point where they are an unstoppable musical force! Buy this album NOW!!!!
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released September 15, 2015

Lawson Gordon - Vocals
Kyle Gordon - Guitar & Bass
Collin Leslie - Drums & Ambient stuff
Recorded & Mixed by Pablo Cabrera
Mastered by Sean Small
Guest Crab Scratch on Original Sin by Carson Wahl
Guest Guitar Solo on The Master Key by Ryan Fletcher
Quotes from Evan Tanner on tracks 3, 8, and 12:
Artwork by Corey Zimmer



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Life After Hours Fairfax, Virginia

Formed in 2005, Life After Hours is a band that will never die.

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Track Name: My Calling
Lost but I'm finding my way. Running to my calling and sometimes feeling stuck in place. I'm no coincidence. I'm not so vague. I can feel a power from our inner to our outer-space. As I look inside myself, I can overcome or be swallowed by rage. This is our existence.. some feel it is a plague. Lost but I'm finding my way. As I look inside, I search in infinite space. Calling to my inner-voice, I can hear it say "This is not a mistake". I feel life surge through me, blood pumping through my body. One moment of self-reflection reveals a heartbeat throbbing. I feel life surge through me.
Track Name: The Rise
These are the means to an end. This is how it begins. The storm powers towards us. This is a process we cannot stall. I see the light, I'm pressing forward.. hearing voices echo "This is the fall”. Keep fighting. Keep bleeding. Keep wanting and keep needing. The battle is half won. This is a change in the tide. It is the fate of man. These are the first steps towards the promise land. All my pores exhaling with clarity. No thought of retreat will ever take a hold of me. Why should I fear any weapon when I'm not afraid to bleed? Terminate all fear. Rinse and repeat now. The storm will come once again within the dawn of new men who can face all that stands before them. Every man with the strength of 10 men. This is how it begins. These are the means to an end. When we come together, then we are always unmatched. No change in the weather can make this world go black. If we light this fire, then we will blaze a new path. If we love one another, then we can take this world back. Lighting the way. The flames soar higher and I feel NO PAIN. Bring it. Bring it to me now. I will not be taken out.
Track Name: A Positive Place
In this journey, I won't give in. Some get so lost inside the dance. They could never understand that it's best not to expect much. Answers come as they please. I invite good energy to absorb me. I will see the face of truth. Forgive this broken soul. Here is the place that I've called home. If only I had always known I'd have to learn how to make it on my own. BOUND BY THESE CHAINS. I hear the beat and sense my connection to every living cell. The truth so loud, it yells: you gotta navigate this maze (break these chains) to find a positive place for yourself.
Track Name: My Strength; My Motivation
This time I think I've stripped myself of any hope that I once held. How am I supposed to keep myself from this pressure? Why am I removed from faith? Need to find it soon. Am I just destined to be swept away? I know there's a path for me. I know the reality. I'm the only one who can break my fall. I know when I'm lost in it all, before you walk, you've gotta crawl. No longer letting the bullshit of today consume me tomorrow. NO. Time to get my mind straight. I can set things to my pace if I use all my strength. I will get just where I'm meant to be, so long as I keep looking forward. I believe even though this life tries to trip me up, there's no shame in being tested. There's only shame in letting that break my motivation.. BUT IT WON'T.
Track Name: Power Within
Shaking the whole room. I suggest that you find something to hold onto. This won't be the whole truth.. it's simply a guide. What you're looking for, you will find inside. Peel back the layers. You will now see the lies. Reconstruct the design. Have no reservations. Be willing to fight. If you can't find it in yourself to give a fuck, then you're fucked.. if you can't find it in yourself to be bigger than your circumstances.. to defeat all the demons within. If you're not willing to take a chance then you may as well be crushed into oblivion. Do you really think you have what it takes to stand face to face, to sit down next to your enemy? I don't think you have what it takes. NO. Driven.. that's what you have to be. Accept what is happening. Refuse to listen and you'll be beaten into submission. This truth is written. You'll learn your lesson in convalescence... and when you wake to a new day, the world you find will not be the one from which you came. Now you feel the power within. You were lost, but I reminded you.. sometimes it takes a journey.. sometimes a fall or two. You were lost, but I reminded you that you must face your demons. That's what fighters do.
Track Name: Gibby
There's an emptiness that I must stare in the face. There is a hole inside me that I could never look to replace. I hate the pain so much that it fills me up with rage. I won't ever forget your face. I hate the rage so much that it fills me up with pain, but I keep my emotions trapped in this cage. Why does it have to be this way? Why did you have to leave that day? You know you’re always a friend to me. I'll hope and pray endlessly that meeting again is our destiny. That's the one and only remedy. I feel without you my journey is INCOMPLETE. I look up as if the answer lied in the sky.. absorbed in the infamous question "why?”. Searching for all time. The unknowing frustrates me. Does it matter what I believe? All I know is I looked in the mirror and this life looks a little less clearer. Does it matter what I believe? I don't feel half as strong as I did when you were here. My mind is pacing back and forth. A million times I've ran this course and I wish I could get off and find some peace of mind cause I'm so lost without you. One thing is for sure.. I wouldn't have made it this far if you hadn't been here for me before. This is my thank you for everything. I'm more than a man for what you did for me. This is my thank you until we meet. You were a blessing meant to be.
Track Name: There Is More
There's more to these lives we lead. Too many caught up in the latest trend. What matters is the game you talk and how much money you have to spend. Who really cares about action? Who really cares about love? Why would they care about any of that when they can have all this stuff? I see so many empty faces searching the emptiest of places for something that can make them whole.. make them feel like they're in control. I see so many empty faces searching the emptiest of places for a false sense of hope.. for something that they can hold. They tell themselves a story that can get them by in a society which implies that it doesn't matter what's inside. Hide the true self underneath. They can never speak what they truly think. Consuming for the sake of consumption. Having so little even though you have so much, cause no amount of stuff compares to any amount of love.
Track Name: Full Tank
Some might claim that it's too hard, but if I do not use my voice, who do I expect to talk? How do I begin towards this path if I don't feel the strength within? I must build it up. Fighting even when I'm stuck.. like a warrior. Fighting cause I give a fuck. Using all the force I've got. Time to find out what this strength is for. I've got to find the best way to set things straight. It's time. I’ve got to find the best way to set things straight. I use my voice. You hear me talking now and you see the difference. Powerful force. Standing on solid ground, I do not look quite the same. This is my soul. You feel the passion. You see the fire, fueled for change. I use my voice. Now you know my name. I use my voice.
Track Name: Original Sin
For those who are silenced or misunderstood; for all the brokenness in this world, I speak with a power un-paralleled. Conviction behind every word. You'll feel that it's different the second that you become witness. Can you envision what I see in the midst of our broken society? Can you feel for why I bleed? This is about much more than you and me. This is about justice. This is about slavery. Running, always running. Do we know any other pace? It seems we don’t. Isn’t that something? that we will always win the race? But I have to wonder what keeping ahead means when everything we're chasing means absolutely nothing. I have to wonder how we can't see the ways in which we've lost touch with our surroundings. We have to slow down and wake up to the stench. If we can't smell it, then we're already dead. Dead as the mindsets that we use. Dead as the crutches we abuse. Dead as the things that we consume. Why did we have to become so far removed? We abandoned our true nature in the fragile state of our youth. Our world view is compromised by the actions that we choose. This life was never meant to be "you take from me, I take from you.". Yet this is how we live. Looking for what we can take rather than what we can give. This is the ORIGINAL SIN. Rejecting the truth THAT WE CAN FEEL FROM WITHIN. It's such a shame we must be shaken to see it worth it to awaken. We move so quickly we can't see the desperate state of our reality. (Earth).
Track Name: The Master Key
If I said I could give you the master key, would you know better than to remain asleep? Or would you pretend that I had never said a thing? Always living someone else's dream (always). Maybe you'd be willing to see if you only could recognize this fallacy, but you've been deceived in the way you perceive this way of living as normality. You can't see the strings when you go along with the stream. I'm just trying to get you to hear me, but you're too busy living someone else's dream. I see that you're not where you want to be. I too remember when this life looked promising. The only difference between you and me is that I've chosen not to accept defeat. Wake from this dream. Believe in the power that you have. Take a dive and swim upstream. You can make your own path and that's the only one worth living. If I said I could give you the master key, would you know better than to remain asleep? Or would you pretend that I had never said a thing? If I said I could give you the master key, would you know better than to remain asleep?
Track Name: Not Yours
Spiral like the emotions that wash through me in the middle of the night. Which one's the blade that tries to cut into my life? Access wanted; access denied. I'll bury it like the rest of the lies, clueless to the power inside. It's something that can't be quantified. I exist to make fear terrified. I am the willingness to fight personified. Do you think I'll lay down and cry? You couldn't end me if you tried. Do you think that I'm absent of pride? There's nothing from which I hide. Did you forget that I cannot die? I'm more than a physical being. This is only temporary. I'm more than what you think you're seeing. I am a spirit. You try to put me in a box. You try to define me as something that I'm not. I'm not yours. (You) try to lose me, but I am secure. You try to own me, but I am not yours. You try to break me, but I know that you cannot. You can kill my body, but you can never kill my thoughts.
Track Name: The Meaning
I’ve heard that this is how a great work is made. Every puzzle requires patience cause they mean more than words can say. I've heard that it's meant to reach some point of finality, but all the good stories I know don't ever end.. so as I look around, holding this light up to reality, I wonder if they'll comprehend that I never wanted to define or have them read between the lines. I never wanted anything, but to take a look inside. I've come to embrace uncertainty as a part of this whole ride. I care much less for answers than I care to ask "why?" I've come to see quite clearly that it's not all black and white. Hold onto one another. These waves can beat you down. Step up with your brothers... or you'll drown in the sound. This is where things gets loud. This is when I speak out. This is where you search for all the meaning that can't be found. You want something tangible. You want something real. You want to know the ups and downs.. want to learn the ins and outs. You want to know (need to know) what it's really all about, but what if I said that there's no way.. that trying to understand is like believing that there's no grey. The truth stares you in the face.. and it does not wish to be named. Too many play this game that still can't accept it for what it is. Maybe the color-scheme is far too vast. Maybe it's far too magnificent. Trying to piece it together. Too mesmerized to get a good grip. Always expecting some type of revelation about what it means to live. What's it really mean? Sink into the rhythm of acceptance that there are pieces you simply do not have. This great work is going to require all your patience. It's just simple math. One piece at a time.. and maybe I… with this new rhythm can finally start to see that there could be more meaning within the abstract. I can be directionless and still know I'm on track. Guidance comes from within. I no longer need a map. So let's take a walk; no longer lost. No longer lost (no longer). When you are void of the need to understand, that's when the pieces fall into your hands.