Life After Hours

by Life After Hours

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Debut EP titled Life After Hours


released November 26, 2010

Lawson Gordon - Vocals
Mike Cieri - Guitar
Kyle Gordon - Guitar
Brian Brennan - Bass
Collin Leslie - Drums
Recorded & Mixed by Pablo Cabrera
Mastered by Binh Ngo
Guest Vocals on Void by Mike Woods
Artwork by Kyle Gordon



all rights reserved


Life After Hours Fairfax, Virginia

Formed in 2005, Life After Hours is a band that will never die.

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Track Name: The Fall
This is the fall that our establishment has been waiting for. This madness boils down to nothing. With no one else to rely on but ourselves. I saw this pattern of events crushing our every last year. This whole time I’ve been watching, with a middle finger raised in the air. How can they tell us it’s time to fear our deaths? This ground of "freedom" is already dead. If our heartache were only loud enough. If I didn’t have to look so fucking hard to find love. Maybe the world would see a passion beyond our selfishness. The only way to make a difference is to stand up. It’s easy to swallow the system and not give a fuck. Ignorance bleeds from our mouths like poison. Spit that blood out and say enough is enough. We’ll carry our state of disrepair to the grave. We all knew that there was only one thing to say. We were just too busy to change. Cause while we let this hierarchy beat us to the knees. We all know there’s one truth, and it rests in our community. We are all one.
Track Name: Calamities
Losing sight of love is the biggest sacrifice we’ve made. Our world is forever fucked with the fear of change. We can only hope that it leaves us before it’s too late. Do we really think we can run on at this same rate? We will trip. We will end this race. This is the fall.
Track Name: The Test Of Time Buried Us
My heart is trembling at my own ideas. Cause I don't know where to draw theline between what's true and what I choose to believe. Blindly digging at the dirt to uncover me. Where do I bury feelings? Cause they show up in storms. Why do I run from myself? I'll wake up the same tomorrow. I don't want to be anyone’s. I just want to be alone. Cause I don't need someone else to make me bleed. This is my way. Lock arms. Push forward in pain. No time to turn someone else inside out. I'm still ripping the skin off my bones, and there’s so much further in my path to roam. Life is not what I thought it would be. I remember when all it took was to be happy. But something changed and now I'm searching. Always searching for my stupid fucking dream. Life is not what I thought it'd be. I remember when it took nothing from me, just to be. I raise my glass up to the sky. Let the clinking vibration resemble the times. When I pushed my heart so hard into something, and realized I couldn’t win.
Track Name: Slowly But Surely; Nothing
What once made my earth turn now makes it stop. What once was everything has taken my soul and my heart. Still I love it this way. I wouldn’t exchange it for anything. Because I recall the moments that have led us up to this. And I know that without them I wouldn’t be shit. I’ve never tried harder to forget your fading hands as you walked away and what it meant. So test me god. You’ve stripped me down to my bones and my words. I’m starving but depression doesn’t destroy. Forgetting is now the only option I have. You had so many chances to take me back. But I guess that would mean sacrifice, and to you that’s giving nothing up. So if we follow your mathematics I’ll love you but somehow I won’t give a fuck. It’s done. You can take these words and look past them. But I will hurt you if your hands creep into my life again. Now I know what it feels like to be home. Now I know what it feels like to be alone.
Track Name: Void
I made the biggest mistake I’ve ever made. Fell back into old feelings. I never should have breathed life into this part of me. Cause when these thoughts start to rotate they ruin me. The guilt inside me will never go away. I understand that I had no right to claim this pity as my own, and this time for my change. I’ve come to realize that I am only one name. Still moved by emptiness. I push myself into a world where losing the things I love is all I know. Aching for acceptance beyond what’s reasonable. I will always be weak. Hurting for what I could never be. Something more than me. I try so hard to end my mind games- to end these wars. But you know that I take from the worst of me. My bad moments will follow my every day. Carrying on, I still fall. Praying to a fake god. Just hoping to find out that I’ll evolve. It’s been cornered and given blame. As my only pride, I hold it up for praise, that I can fall apart in a day but I’d rather ask for death than life with nothing to claim. Cause we know we can’t help ourselves and I know damn well I can’t act as anyone else. Or else I would never have a story worth it to tell. This is my vow to further myself from living hell.
Track Name: Attempts
We do not try very hard to break the spell of being stuck here with no way out. We do not try very hard to escape hell. We think we reign underneath these clouds. Roam the streets with no direction, lose track of time. There's a sweet smell in the air when you're all alone, and I'm all alone. There's nothing I can do to keep the world calm forever. But if a tomorrow comes I'll be waiting outside to rediscover the perfection we hide. We fucked it up for ourselves. But I can see what once was beautiful in my quiet time. It all lies within the infamous question "why?" Why the fuck do we think we're living in god's intention? I've let the question consume me. Where did it all go wrong? Keep building. Keep building. There's good somewhere but you'd rather have nothing at all.
Track Name: Spilling
I let this blade cut. Like scissors through my mind, it breaks, my cold hearted obsession with being my own judge. I grasp high to fall, imagining better choices. With no chance at all, I stoop down and survive. Trying to have heart and let the blood I spilled dry up. Get the fucking guts to call myself out on this stuff. Let this idea go that I won't ever be enough. I left it up to you for too long, even knowing your intentions. This side of me knows no mercy. I let it beat me for no reason. This will be the last time I fall with embarrassment. I fuckin’ swear it. I wish to be no more than I am. It's never worth it pulling at the strings of your own heart. There is no image that is better than you are. We are all one mistake waiting on a new start. I have proven to myself- this mindless judgment was no more worth it than hurting just for my own amusement.